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COACH®,Wavy Dinky Bag in Coachtopia Leather: Butterfly Print,Coachtopia Leather,Small,Checkerboard,Olive Green Multi,Front View


COACH®,Wavy Dinky Bag in Patchwork Checkerboard Upcrafted Leather,Upcrafted Leather™,Small,Checkerboard,Black/Chalk,Front View


Reimagine waste this holiday.



Coachtopia Bags

At Coachtopia, we have a mission to help advance a circular fashion system through our Made Circular principles, with the goal of offering purses and handbags that are not only stylish but have a lower impact on our planet compared to those made by conventional methods.

We're committed to helping build a better future for our planet, and we know our customers share our passion. Join us on our mission to advance towards a circular economy. Choosing from bags made with waste and designed to be restored, remade and reimagined over multiple lives.

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