The story.

"In My Tabby" is a campaign that celebrates the defining moments that make us who we are, featuring the our iconic silhouette—the Tabby bag. Directed and photographed by Charlotte Wales, it underscores the message that what we carry makes us stronger through the personal narratives of our Coach Family, including Lil Nas X, Camila Mendes, Kōki, and Jinyan Wu. "In My Tabby" tells these stories through the lens of identity, personal evolution, and the journeys of the cast to become all of who they are today.

Reimagining and disrupting the popular "What's In My Bag?" phenomenon, the campaign redefines "what we carry" not just in physical but also emotional terms—the experiences, personal journeys and aspirations we carry with us as we continue to create and reinvent ourselves.

The cast.

In the films, Lil Nas X explores his future creative aspirations on Planet Naserati, Camila Mendes shares her story of embracing her multiple selves as a Brazilian-American actress; Kōki sheds light on trying new paths in life; and Jinyan Wu discusses turning career challenges into opportunities. We present these stories of courage and transformation to inspire our audience to express and explore all of who they are, and to redefine fashion as a platform to tell human stories.

The icon.

At the center of the story sits the Coach Tabby bag, a modern icon we have reimagined for the next generation's spirit of individualism, fluidity and courageous self-expression. Envisioned by Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers as a reimagination of an archival bag from the '70s and featuring Coach's Signature hardware, the Tabby captures the brand's quintessential American design language of character and craftsmanship for a new generation.

A word from Stuart Vevers.

"I've always believed that fashion should be about more than only style, it should be about community, and creating safe spaces where people feel free to express themselves," said Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers. "'In My Tabby' brings together our Coach Family and collaborators to celebrate stories of creativity and courage that embody our vision for Coach to inspire people to fully express all of who they are."