Coach (Re)Loved

Introducing a new, circular way to Coach inspired by our commitment to a better-made future. Trade in your bag through Coach (Re)Loved Exchange to be recycled or reimagined—it’s one way you can help us create a less wasteful way of doing things. Wear it, love it, pass it on.

How do I exchange my Coach bag?

We get it. Sometimes you and your Coach bag need to part ways. But, did you know that more than 85 percent of unwanted clothes and bags end up in landfills*? We’re working to change that, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Done with your Coach? Trade it, don’t toss it with Coach (Re)Loved Exchange, and we’ll recycle or reimagine eligible bags in exchange for a credit. You’re helping us keep bags out of landfills and to reduce our impact on the environment.

*Based on research conducted by students at