Insiders Give Back

Insiders Give Back is Coach’s news charitable donations initiative. Coach is committed to making a difference in the communities we serve and supporting the causes that are most important to Coach Insiders.

12.23 - 1.1, Coach will donate 5% of opted-in Coach Insider product purchases to the cause of your choice.

Coach Insiders must opt-in to participate. Not applicable to purchases of gift cards or services. Final donation amount will be confirmed post-purchase. In Coach or Coach Outlet stores, donation will default to a pre-selected cause if a specific cause is not selected through the post-purchase email. On or, donations will only be made when a cause is selected. Donations made via our partner, ShoppingGives. Purchases are not tax deductible.

FAQ: What is the Charitable Donations Reward and how does it work?

Tapestry, Inc. partners with ShoppingGives to provide you with the opportunity to support a cause when you purchase certain products or services, or add a donation to support a charitable cause at checkout. Donations based on purchases are made by Tapestry, Inc., and are therefore not tax-deductible donations of the customer. All donations first go to ShoppingGives Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Except in rare circumstances, ShoppingGives Foundation will then make a grant to the charitable organization either set by Tapestry, Inc. or selected by you, when applicable. To learn more about how ShoppingGives Foundation makes grants to recommended grantees, when ShoppingGives Foundation may choose to reassign funds to another charitable grantee, or how long it takes for a recommended grantee to receive the grant, please see Shopping Gives Terms and Conditions.